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Still at it in Peru- the jungle, mountain top lakes, Lima, and the North

Puerto Maldonado We pulled into the city gateway of the Peruvian jungle on an overnight bus like all of the rest: long, hot, and filled with twisted mountain roads that made even the strongest stomachs quiver.  When we got off the bus in Puerto Maldonado it was before 7am and it was already warm with the sun glowing preparing for the day ahead.  The bus terminal and streets were filled with more motorcycles and mototaxis than I had ever seen without a car in sight.  This wasn't exactly what I expected for the Amazon jungle, but it was a gateway.  We stayed at Tambopata hostel which was cheap, offered free all day coffee (the recipe for successful adventures), and had nice rooms with mosquito netted beds.  The city was a stark difference from the cool mountain towns I was used to and I started sweating by 830 AM. After getting settled, we set off to figure out how we could get into the jungle to see some wildlife. Grilling travel agency after travel agency we found the one that