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A short story about tall mountains- Cordillera Huayhuash

This post is written as a detailed short story of my experience on the Cordillera Huayhuash trek. A light rain and darkness welcomed us back in Huaraz following Laguna 69. Both the sky and storefronts were black with a planned power outage we were unaware of. Our plans to buy groceries for the elucid Huayhuash trek hit a brick wall, I was thrilled. To not make certain readers too nervous, I didn't mention, but I badly sprained an ankle in Lima after a car/jogging incident and every extra day the Huayhuash hike was postponed was another day of rest to let the swelling dissipate and rebuild strength before starting one of the hardest hikes on the continent. “Yo what’s up guys?” said a voice as we walked into the hostel. “Are you the Americans I heard about that are taking on Huayhuash without a guide tomorrow?” Ari, a young long haired Californian rock climber/surfer welcomed us back with excitement. He wanted to join our trek and had plenty of experience including guiding in