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A Month in Antioquia and Exploring the Carribean Coast

Back on the road 11/28 Medellin The plane touched down at 11:00 pm, and I walked into the Medellin airport filled with white dripping Christmas lights reflecting off the white floor. The customs agent asked how long I would be staying, and with a smile I responded as long as you give me. The hardest question for me to answer while travelling is when I will leave. Who knows what I’ll find? The agent smiled back, gave me 90 days, and I walked to find a cab to Poblado, Medellin. All public transportation was stopped due to the time, so I was left with a single option. The cab driver was of course a character, and we discussed the current and past happenings in Medellin. The 45 minute drive from outside the city was along a dark four lane highway that curved around the mountains before descending into the heart of Medellin. When we arrived in Poblado, the driver, like many vendors in Medellin, finished our conversation by offering me anything I wanted...I respectfully declin