Welcome to Pollo al Gringo, or in English: Foreigner's Chicken.  This blog is to document my adventures through South America and beyond.  In July 2017 I quit my job in the medical device industry, sold all my belongings, and bought a one way ticket to Lima, Peru with a backpack. Being on the up and up with the company I was working at for five years didn´t feel like the direction my life was supposed to be headed.  With a little bit of inspiration and a heart filled with wanderlust, I took the plunge and decided to meet a friend in South America to begin an adventure.

While in Peru, everywhere I looked there was pollo (chicken), and I love chicken. On menus, on buildings, in markets, on billboards pollo was written everywhere.  A la Brasa, A la planca, con arroz, and of course now pollo al gringo.  With that little introduction come share some chicken with me and follow my journey!


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