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The Untold Travel Story: Buses

The route: Vilcabamba, Ecuador-> Loja -> Piyura, Peru -> Trujillo (huanchaco) -> Lima -> Arequipa -> Tacna -> Arica, Chile-> San Pedro de Atacama If you would have told me a month had gone by in the last week I would have believed it. Sense of hour, day, week, and country were lost. There were just more buses. More buses to a preconceived magical world filled with class and an endless amount of adventure in the famed Patagonia. Chile was getting closer with each stop. With each bus. A bump and sharp turn broke me out of one of my usual light bus naps. My eyes were dry, it was dark, and I knew I should be asleep. With an uncomfortable sweat covering my body and my knees touching the seat in front of me, I quick shut my eyes again and willed myself back to sleep. This was only bus number two from Loja, Ecuador to Piyura, Peru. The first hour and a half bus from Vilcabamba to Loja was a breeze. Heather, my Canadian friend, was good company, and she had anothe